The Squat Down

  • The Squat Down

    What guy doesn’t want to see his girl do a squat? Even better, why not have her do a squat on top of you? Sure, you’d love that. Well, this sex position is exactly that. The Squat Down involves your girl squatting down on to your member while she goes to town cowgirl style. Comfortable and low key, it’s a sex position with a great view for him!

    Him: Lie on your back with knees slightly bent. Wrap your hands around your lover’s waist and pull her closer to you as she rides you back and forth, up and down. Enjoy the view and the experience.

    Her: Sit down on top of your partner like you would in cowgirl style, with both legs on either side of his body. Place your feet up by his ears on either side. Brace yourself on his body and lean slightly back. Then move up and back, top to bottom until you both bubble over.

    Why It Rocks: For him, it feels amazing with very little effort involved. For her, it allows for the best g-spot penetration with just a few strokes. It’s a win-win!