The Rocket Sled

  • The Rocket Sled

    You know when you’re a kid and you have a sled that goes super fast in winter down a snow hill? Yeah, this position is kind of like that. We’ve added it to our woman on top sex position category to give you a new take on the reverse cowgirl positions. Here’s how to get busy with this move.

    Him: Sit on a bed/couch/chair with your fit planted firmly on the ground. Slightly raise your right foot and leg for leverage. Place your hands on the bed behind you to stabilize your position.

    Her: Get in a reverse cowgirl position on top of your partner as he sits on the bed. Allow your feet to straddle him on both sides. Next, lean forward and place your hands on his knees for stability. As you lean forward, begin to grind on him pushing your pubic bone farther down into his hips.

    Why It Rocks: This is one of our top woman on top sex positions because it allows you freedom to touch the clit during penetration. Men can easily swing their hand around to the front of their partner and go to town on their best bits while the woman does the grinding. It’s so hot!