Capricorn Sex Position

  • Capricorn Sex Position

    The Capricorn Sex Position is a great way for women to control their love making and pleasure centers while riding their man long into the night. Easy to achieve and definitely considered a sex position that women love, here’s how to make it happen:

    Him: Simply sit down, legs stretched out in front of you, with your arms behind your head for balance. You can lean against a wall, too. Wait for your woman to assume position. That’s it!

    Her: This is a classic female on top sex position in which you are going to reverse cowgirl your man, legs spread apart. Lower yourself onto him at your leisure, controlling penetration until it feels perfect for you. Place your hands on his calves for stabilization, leaning forward slightly for the perfect angle of penetration.

    Why It Rocks: The Capricorn Sex Position provides both partners with the ability to control their preferred amount of penetration and thrusting. With the right patience, you can both hit an orgasm seamlessly, without any physical strain.