Cradle Sex Position

  • Cradle Sex Position

    If you’re into sitting sex positions, then the Cradle Sex Position has got you covered. All you need is a flat surface and a wall for the man to lean up against as the woman is slowly lowered, in a sitting position, on her man for ultimate, deep, and alluring penetration. Here’s how to make it happen

    Him: The Cradle Sex Position will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your strength and manliness as you will be entirely supporting your woman. Sit down, legs in front of you, with your back against the wall. All your woman to approach you, facing away, lowering herself legs spread onto you. Grab under her thighs and lift her up entirely onto you, holding on as you thrust. 

    Her: Your man’s got this one covered as he holds you from the lower thigh, facing away, while he goes to town. Reach around behind you and hold his back for support. 

    Why It Rocks: This is an easy sex position, if the man is up for some heavy lifting, for both parties and requires no furniture – just a back support the for man. As a deep, penetrative position, go slow to ensure everyone is ready for ultimate thrusts.