Face to Face Sex Position

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  • Face to Face Sex Position

    Connect deeply with your lover while you gaze into each other’s eyes, working towards a mutual orgasm that pleases you both.

    The Face to Face Sex Position is an easy way to connect with one another while you penetrate each other’s bodies, caressing the man’s head at the breast in a sitting sex position. With total control, take this one slow for ultimate impact.

    Him: Simply sit down, legs spread, using your arms behind your back to provide your body with stability. Embrace your woman as she places her body between your legs, facing you, with one arm around your back. Suck her nipples good and deep to get her wet.

    Her: This is an intimate sitting lap sex position that provides you with speed and control. Bend your knees and connect with your man at your pussy, grabbing his back and pressing his face against your chest. Ease into it at a speed that is right for you.

    Why It Rocks: There is something so connecting about having sex face to face, and this sex position gets it done. Requiring no agility, try and take it deeply and slowly for the best feelings possible.