Lap Dance Sex Position

  • Lap Dance Sex Position

    This is a mutually pleasure-filled sex position that will drive men and women crazy, begging for more.

    If you like to add a little something extra to your sex-making experience, the Lap Dance Sex Position takes it to the next level for both men and women. With extra fondling, double attention, and penetration that is direct and sincere, it’s an easy to achieve lap sex position you’ll want to try this week.

    Him: Simply sit down with your legs bent at your knees to either side of you, lean back, and present your cock out and proud for your lady. As she gets onto you, facing away, legs apart, hold her from the front, hanging onto her tits for dear life while she bounces around on top of you.

    It’s time for some lap dance sex! Back yourself onto your man slowly, penetrating at your leisure, with your legs spread out to either side. Your hands are free to use in this one, so play with yourself or hold the cock to the right angle down below you while your man fondles your breasts. 

    Why It Rocks: If you’re a woman who likes extra foreplay while fucking, or a man that wants to immerse himself in breasts any chance he can, this easy sitting sex position requires a flat surface and that’s it! Give it a spin.