Kneeling Double Penetration

  • Kneeling Double Penetration

    If you’re looking for some of the best positions for a threesome, this one might just need to be added to your book. What’s amazing about this one is that it can also be added to your threesome positions for MFF and not just work for two guys and a girl. Here’s how you do it and knock your own socks off.

    Woman: Place your knees on a bed or on the floor, wherever you prefer. Give one of your male counterparts some love and attention facing him with your legs relaxed and get ready for man two to enter you from behind.

    Man one: Face your partner and insert her from the front. You get the vagina while man two gets her behind.

    Man two: Enter your female partner from behind. Be gentle enough that she can feel relaxed and enjoy the sensations. Once she’s good to go, keep going and don’t stop. She’ll love it.

    Why It Rocks: Well, aside from slightly awkward business with the two dudes, you can thoroughly enjoy this crazy position since everyone is getting the loving that he/she craves. It’s intimate, but nonetheless a good place to start your threesome position fantasies.