Pearly Gates Sex Position

  • Pearly Gates Sex Position

    Get ready to head to the pearly gates with the pearly gates sex position. This is just one of those sex positions you must try if you want to expand your sex life. If you and your partner plan on sticking it out to the end of your life, or if you just want to have an orgasm in a whole new way, then the position of the pearly gate is something you should definitely try out. Here’s how you do it.

    Him: Lie down on your back with your knees bent up in the air and reach your hand around to grab your partner, maybe even a handful of breasts if you like. Bend your legs so you can leverage yourself for better penetration.

    Her: Lie on top of your male partner mirroring his body with your knees bent and your arms straight out to either side of your body. Let him penetrate you from underneath.

    Why It Rocks: The pearly gates sex position is a lazy person’s way of having sex. If you like to be lazy, this is your move