The Italian Chandelier

  • The Italian Chandelier

    The Italian chandelier sex position has nothing to do with décor, of that we can assure you. But the Italian chandelier position is pretty opulent if you’re prepared. The Italian chandelier style position is sexy, sensual, and is sure to give you both one heck of a good time. Pair it with other moves like the PileDriver to amp up the pleasure. And if you’re just curious what this move looks like, then check out the Italian Chandelier position picture we’ve posted for you.

    Him: Lay down flat on your back stable. Let her do all the work for you as you sit there, relaxing into the passion of the move.

    Her: The Italian chandelier sex position is all about her. Climb on top of your partner and position yourself in the opposite direction. Bend your knees and brace yourself with your hands on either side of his body.

    Why It Rocks: The Italian chandelier position is a pretty lazy move for him, but for her, it involves a bit of work. Either way, it feels absolutely incredible for both of you.