Coitus From The Back

  • Coitus From The Back

    This sex position spoon move is all about the back door. You enter from the back and that’s typically where you stay. This move makes that process even sweeter. It’s an ideal position for G-spot stimulation. That oh, so perfect angle is so hot when she starts to moan and he starts to sigh. So hit it right and get it tight, this move is bound to make you smile.

    Her: Lay face down on your bed with your legs slightly spread. Make it easier for him to enter you by placing a pillow underneath your hips. Turn your head to look back towards him for an even more sensual experience.

    Him: Climb on top of her from behind, bracing yourself with your hands on either side of her body. Position your hips behind hers and break out your deepest penetration move.

    Why It Rocks: This sex position will get you both to climax if you do it right. It’s hot for both of you!