Crazy Upside-Down Squat

  • Crazy Upside-Down Squat

    You know those street performers, the ones who you watch do crazy things and think to yourself “I could never do THAT”, well this sexual position is kind of like that. The Crazy Up Side Down Squat requires strength, patience, and an open mind to pull off. But if you do it right, it can bestow the pleasure of the gods upon you. Grab your favorite F buddy and go crazy with this crazy squat sex position. Here’s how to do it.

    Him: Lay on your back and lean back with your legs in the air until you are almost doing a half backwards flip. Grab ahold of your partner’s hands for stability.

    Her: Squat down backwards on your partner’s junk. Squat on top of him and slide up and down while holding his hands to brace yourself. Keep him in place with your legs and your ass as you grind it out until he explodes.

    Why It Rocks: This sexual position is almost a novelty position. But if you follow these steps, you can get incredible pleasure.