Side by Side Sex Position

  • Side by Side Sex Position

    The side by side sex position is a great way to connect with your partner deeply while you make love. Laying on both sides, this sex position side by side will challenge the two of you to hold gaze while you make each other scream.

    Him: For this side sex position, lay down on your left side, facing your woman, with your left arm stretched out above your head. Allow her to grab you with both arms and shimmy her way onto your cock. Once in position, start slowly and deeply thrusting.

    Her: Facing your man, wrap your arms around his back and your legs around his groin, while he enters you with slow, meaningful thrusts that will leave you wet and wild.

    Why It Rocks: This is a super comfortable and easy side by side position that will bring you two together in a deep, intimate embrace while you make love into the wee hours of the morning.