Sideways Sex Position

  • Sideways Sex Position

    The sideways sex position will turn your world upside down. Not really, but it will give you a new perspective on your sex life for sure. Sex positions from the side can be uncomfortable if you don’t do them right, but if you do them the right way it can become a beautiful move. So, this side by side sex position is one you want to add to your roster.

    Her: Lie on your back and spread your legs wide with your knees bent and your body turned almost on one hip. Enjoy the ride and the orgasm to come with this sideways sex position.

    Him: Lie behind your partner with your ankles crossed. Enter her from behind and underneath and hold on to the leg that is up in the air. Brace yourself up on one arm on the bed. Then hit it with this side by side sex position.

    Why It Rocks: If you’re looking for sex positions from the side, this one might just take the cake. It’s pretty easy and it feels great for both partners.