Scissor Sex Position

  • Scissor Sex Position

    Sex not challenging enough? Getting her close to climax not giving you the opportunity to show off anymore? Then you need to try the scissor sex position. This hard sex position is definitely going to give you a run for your money. Challenges are fun, and when you tackle them with your favorite person in the world they’re even better. Aw, right? Hold off on the sentimental’s until you try this move…

    Her: Lie on your back with your head and neck twisted to the right. Kick your leg up in the air and open yourself up. Twist your hips in the opposite direction. Stare into your lover’s eyes. Hold on to his hips with your hand.

    Him: Your job is a bit more difficult. Spread your legs with one leg inside her two legs and insert yourself in between her legs put one arm underneath her raised leg and the hold on to her face with your other hand.

    Why It Rocks: The scissor sex position spices up your sex life like nothing else can. It also tests both of your ability to be flexible.