Normal Sex Position

  • Normal Sex Position

    There’s something to be said for the normal sex position: it’s easy, it’s intimate, and it feels good. If you’re into sex positions for “normal” people, here’s how easy it is to make love the classic way:

    Him: Simply get on your knees, awaiting your woman as she lays down with her legs spread. Gently enter her as you connect your groin with hers, laying your body closely against her figure while you start to make sweet love to her. Support yourself with your arms in front of you.

    Her: Lay back, spread your legs, and get ready to greet your man intimately during the normal sex position. Hold his back and his buttocks while he slowly makes love to you.

    Why It Rocks: There’s nothing easier than the normal sex position, which is why it’s a great starter position for you and your partner. If you’re looking to deeply connect, this is one way to do it.