Nirvana Sex Position

  • Nirvana Sex Position

    The nirvana sex position takes missionary style sex to the next level, with a deeper penetration that will feel amazing to both parties. With just a little flexibility, here’s how you can make it happen:

    Her: Lay down on the bed with your head down. Get ready to bend your legs straight at a 90-degree angle. Have your man pick up your legs and place them against his body for stability while he gets ready to peg you deeply.

    Him:  Once your woman lays down, get on your knees and approach her body, placing her legs straight against you. Position yourself so you can drill your cock deep into her lady garden as she playfully plays with her tits in front of you.

    Why It Rocks: Nirvana sex is named so for the pleasurable state of nirvana that is instantaneously achieved. If you’re up for the challenge, the nirvana position will challenge both of you to see sex from a new angle.