Scorpion Sex Position

  • Scorpion Sex Position

    The scorpion sex position is a gentle rear entry sex position that will provide you and your partner with the quintessential pleasure that is only possible from sweet and dirty backside fucking:

    Him: As your woman lays down on her stomach, hugging her pillow, brush yourself up against her ass. Place your hands on either side of her for stability as your thrust your cock into her warm vagina, hidden by her soft ass cheeks.

    Her: Lay on your stomach, with a pillow beneath you, as you stabilize your upper half with your forearms. Spread your legs slightly so your man can easily enter you with a warm welcome.

    Why It Rocks: Rear entry sex is an incredibly pleasure-filled sensation for both parties, providing the woman with control over penetration. Get ready to fuck like rabbits, simply atop a pillow.