Bulldog Sex Position

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    Get your doggie style on in a whole new way. The Bulldog Position is the ideal sex position for couples wanting to spice things up. This sex position with him on top keeps things sexy and tantalizing for both parties. So why is it called the Bulldog? Well, let us tell you.

    Her: Get on your hands and knees. Spread your legs a little wider than your hips. Twist backwards to make eye contact with your partner.

    Him: Climb on top of your partner with your knees hugging the sides of her hips and with your toes on your tips. Put your hands into a fist just like a bulldog. Give your girl a kiss right on the lips as you hump her like the dog you are.

    Why It Rocks: Hands down this is one of the top sex positions with him on top. The bulldog position gives you the intimacy you crave with the dirtiness to keep things hot.