Cancer Sex Position

  • Cancer Sex Position

    As a classic sex position on the stomach, the Cancer Sex Position is a more intimate and deeper penetrating version of doggystyle, with a closer embrace and deeper sex than other sex positions today. If you’re ready to really immerse yourself in luxurious sexual pleasure, here’s how:

    Him: This is an incredibly easy and comfortable sex position for you, requiring you to do nothing but plow from behind, using your hands as stabilization since you will be on all fours. Place your left leg inside her two legs, and your right leg to the outside. Get your balance, and go to town. 

    Her: If you like easy sex positions that enable you to lay down, then the Cancer Sex Position is a perfect sex position for you! Simply lay down, bend your knees, and place your calves into the air. Hold the bed in front of you, sit back, and let the love making ensue.

    Why It Rocks: This is a pleasurable sex position that is easy for any kind of lover to achieve. All you need is a bed, or even a surface, and some hot, steamy passion while you ride out the night.