The Modified Winged Eros

  • The Modified Winged Eros

    You don’t have to look far in our selection to find the best dominant male sex positions. Every time you have sex it should be better than the last, at least that’s our motto. This position is particularly hot. It’s animalistic. It looks like the same exact position wild wolves would get into to get crazy. Here’s how you do it to make your woman howl like a wounded animal.

    Her: Get on your bed on her hands and knees. Spread your legs and arch your back. Lay back and enjoy the ride.

    Him: Climb up behind your partner with your legs laying over top your partner’s legs. Enter her from behind her. Brace yourself with your hands on either side of her body on the bed. Arch over her body with your back curving inward.

    Why It Rocks: The best dominant male sex positions are the sweatiest, or at least that’s what we believe. The Modified Winged Eros gets you both to that ultra-sweet spot.