He’s Spooning Behind Her

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  • He’s Spooning Behind Her

    Looking for a better spooning position sex move? The “He’s Spooning Behind Her” position is a fun and tantalizing position that is sure to get your heart thumping. It’s also incredibly romantic. It’s what we imagine could have saved Jack’s life when the Titanic sunk. Sensual, intimate, and oh so good feeling, you won’t want to miss making this sex position a part of your routine.

    Her: Lay on your side with your legs closed and your upper body slightly twisted so you can gaze into your lover’s eyes. Grab his hands and move them over your body for the ultimate in pleasure.

    Him: Spoon her from behind with your legs and hips paralleling hers. Enter her from behind and move slightly above her so you can stare into her eyes. Stare down into her eyes and give it to her the best way you can.

    Why It Rocks: This move is super intimate. No other spooning position move gives you the same level of intimacy. Try it out, you won’t regret it.