Riding Sex Position

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    Get ready to ride each other wild as you saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime.

    The riding sex position is a great way to stare into each other’s eyes, enjoy and view, and sink into deep and meaningful penetration on top. As one of the best sex positions for women on top, here’s how to make it happen:

    Him: Lay back with your arms and legs spread as your place your head on the bed. Crane your head slightly up and stabilize yourself with your feet dug into the blankets as you get ready to thrust deeply in an upward fashion into your woman.

    Her: Do you know how to ride during sex? You’re about to find out. Once your man assumes position, spread your legs and sit down on him, facing him, as you gently lower your pussy onto his cock. Once in position, get ready to thrust right alongside him.

    Why It Rocks: This sex position provides every woman with serious control while she goes for the ride of her life on a totally exposed and accessible cock. Men, get ready for an awesome view as her tits bounce up and down during the pounding.