The Super Ball

  • The Super Ball

    Every now and again, a sexual position lights up our world and sneaks its way into our regular repertoire of sexual positions. This is one of those positions. We have done our research to list some of the best woman on top sexual positions out there, and this one really breaks the mold. Here’s how you can enjoy it with your partner.

    Him: Lay down on the bed with your legs together so your partner to climb on top and get busy. Place a pillow or blanket beneath your hips for stability and extra leverage. Keep your back flat against the bed.

    Her: Climb on top of your partner as his legs are flesh together. Straddle him in reverse cowgirl position. Lean forward against his thighs and grab hold onto his shins, pulling his legs closer to your chest. Then use your hands to stabilize yourself as you move up and down on his member.

    Why It Rocks: We call this one The Super Ball because the man is balled up like, well, a ball, and the bouncing caused by this position reminds us of a rubber bouncy ball. It’s hot. That’s all you need to know. Its hands down one of the best woman on top sexual positions there is.