Praying Mantis Sex Position

  • Praying Mantis Sex Position

    You likely haven’t envisioned yourself as an insect, but by the time you’re done reading about the Praying Mantis sex position, you might just wish you were a part of the insect world. The praying mantis position sounds weird because it is weird. So, it’s your turn to get weird. Embrace your inner insect. Grab an eager partner and do your stretches, this pray mantis sex position is sure to test your stamina.

    Her: Crouch down on your knees on your bed with your hips slightly apart. Stretch one of your legs back all the way. Stretch one of your arms out in front of you.

    Him: Climb behind your partner horizontally. Enter her from behind and at an angle. Hold on to her ass with one hand and brace yourself with your other hand on the bed. Lift your other leg above her ass like you’re doing your business on a fire hydrant.

    Why It Rocks: It’s fun, it’s weird, its like role playing! The praying mantis sex position is one of those moves you have to try at least once.