The Cat of The Wife of Indra

  • The Cat of The Wife of Indra

    Love felines? Then the Cat of The Wife of Indra could be one of your favorite sexual positions man on top. Say “meow” to a brand new sexual position that could make your partner scream in ecstasy. Who would have thought that pounding pussy would be this much fun? And for her, this position is a great way to hit some seriously awesome angles. Fantasize about how good this position feels or dream about your favorite celebrity, this is definitely a position to try out no matter how long you’ve been together. Here’s how to get into it.

    Her: Lay on your back with your legs spread up high in the air. Turn your neck slightly to the side and place your legs up on his shoulders for leverage. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

    Him: Get on your knees with your legs spread as far as possible. Brace yourself with your arms on each side of her body. Lean forward with your head down. Grind into her with your hips and make her say, “meow.”

    Why It Rocks: Both partners get to experience the pleasure of some of the best angles.