Full Nelson Sex Position

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    Give your lady the full nelson sex move—you know she wants it! The full nelson sex position is a crowd pleaser and sure to get you both to that special moment you crave. A word to the uninitiated, however, this move does require some flexibility and strength. Here’s how ya get it done…

    Him: stand up and grab hold of your lover. A good idea is to pick her up on the bed while she is in doggie style position. Wrap your arms underneath her legs from behind to pick her up. Move in and out of her while holding her.

    Her: Relax and let him do most of the work, you do enough. Oh, and be sure to wrap your arms around his as he cradles you and screws you.

    Why It Rocks: The full nelson sex move is fun for both of you if you can nail it. But take things slow and don’t rush into the move. Otherwise, it might not be as much fun as it could be.