Wheelbarrow Sex Position

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    Ever used a wheelbarrow for some yardwork? Yeah, the wheelbarrow sex position is kind of like that except it feels way better than doing yardwork. The good news is, you definitely don’t need a wheelbarrow or any weird equipment to nail this position down. But what is the wheelbarrow position? Here is what you need to know to try it out with your favorite bedroom partner.

    Him: Stand up with your legs slightly bent. Hold onto your lady with your hands wrapped around her waist. Bend slightly at the hips and lean forward over her body. Hold on to her tightly to guarantee she doesn’t fall.

    Her: Let your man hold on to you from behind. Wrap your legs around your man from behind and brace yourself on the surface below you to guarantee your safety. Let him enter you from behind and enjoy yourself.

    Why It Rocks: The wheelbarrow sex position is sure to give you both one of the best orgasms of your life. Nothing else needs to be said.