Reclining In Opposite Directions

  • Reclining In Opposite Directions

    We love sex positions with the woman on top. Why? Because, well, it means less work for the guy! In all seriousness, this reclined position is incredibly fun to do. Like all of the best woman on top sex positions, this reclined position gets both partners full engaged and intimate.

    Also, if you want to switch up the same ole sex positions with the woman on top like cowgirl, then this position could quickly become a favorite. So, how does it work? Well, we’re glad you asked.

    Him: Sit on your bed, couch, floor, or sandy beach for your freaky hippies, with your butt on the ground. Spread your legs fairly wide with the heels of your feet anchored on the ground. Brace your upper body by placing your hands on the ground and position your hips upwards.

    Her: Get on top. Place your feet on either side of his hips spilling out to the sides. Use your arms to steady you with your eyes gazing straight into his eyes. Then start grinding it out!

    Why it Rocks: This is by far one of the most sensual sexual positions in our category. Gaze straight into his/her eyes to spice it up. For women, it’s great because it lets you fly free and go to town on his member.