• Spanking

    This is the kind of foreplay you’ve been missing in your sex life.

    If you’re ready to add a little sexual punishment to the bedroom, the spanking sex position is the best way to make it happen. All you need is a whip or a BDSM toy, which can be acquired locally, to get down and dirty.

    Him: It’s your turn to be submissive while your woman punishes you for the bad, bad boy you’ve been all week. Bend over at the edge of the bed or on the floor and bed for mercy while she whips you clean into submission.

    Her: You’re in control with this one. Grab a whip and start beating your man, with time in-between the lashes. Go until he begs you to stop, then withhold sex until he’s crying for more. It’s time to reverse those gender roles!

    Why It Rocks: The spanking sex position is an easy way to mix up your sex life by adding in a little BDSM. If you’re ready to receive a punishment, or dole it out, while preparing for deep penetration, this kind of foreplay will definitely get the two of you there.