Lotus Sex Position

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    Nothing says meditation quite like sex. Luckily, there’s a new position to help you do both. The Lotus sex position creates an intimate atmosphere for you and partner like never before. Engage with intense eye contact and penetrate more than each other’s bodies—go straight to your soul. The lotus position in bed is fairly easy to do but does require some flexibility. Check out the lotus flower sex position by following our tips below.

    Him: To get into the lotus position for sex, sit on your bed with your legs crossed one on top of the other. Wrap your hands around the outside of her thighs to make things even more intimate. Stare into her eyes as you penetrate her.

    Her: To do the lotus position for sex, sit on your man’s lap. Place your legs on his shoulders and stare intimately into his eyes. Old onto his face as he penetrates you from underneath.

    Why It Rocks: The Lotus sex position is wholly unique. It’s both a spiritual and a sexual experience. You’re going to love it!