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    Ever heard of the overpass sex position? You probably haven’t because it’s one of those almost impossible sex positions. But if you have the time and the desire, this could be a rewarding position to learn how to do. The sex position called “overpass” is a great way to get your cardio and stretching in also. So how do you do it? Follow along boys and girls.

    Her: Lie on your back and bend your legs back over your head almost like you’re trying to do a backflip. Grab ahold of his hips above you to keep yourself stable while he penetrates you from above.

    Him: Squat down on top of your girl with your hands on the ground or surface in front of you as you bend forward. Penetrate her from the top and start gently to avoid any awkward angles. And if you nail the overpass sex position, she’ll be so happy to know you.

    Why It Rocks: If you can do the overpass sex position you can do almost anything! It’s nearly impossible, so don’t be afraid to try it out.