The Pretzel

  • The Pretzel

    Fluffy, fresh pretzel’s might be the best thing you can eat with an ice cold beer. Similarly, this sex position is sure to get your mouth watering. Sensual, but requires a bit of extra effort on both partners’ parts, you can’t nail this position unless you have some core strength. Get wrapped up in a hot sex session with this killer sex position. Get busy with these instructions:

    Him: Kneel down with your toes curled up and grab your partner by the upper back. Wrap your arms around her and penetrate her as slowly as possible to start. Once she is worked and rearing to go, get busy on her body.

    Her: Kneel down facing your partner. Lift one of your legs up to allow your man to enter you from underneath and slightly bend your back. Wrap your lifted leg around your partner to get the full affect of his member inside of you.

    Why It Rocks: It is a new take on the same ole man on top sex position. Ladies love the way it feels and of course so do the guys.