Edge Of Bed, On His Lap

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  • Edge Of Bed, On His Lap

    You know those super sensual moments in your life where everything goes quiet and your focus narrows down to a single person? Well, this sex position is sure to please if so. The Edge of the Bed, On His Lap position gets you both to engage and shut off the world around you. Nothing else does it quite this way. So shut of your iPhone, tune into each other, and get one step closer to that orgasm you both crave.

    Him: Sit on the edge of your bed with your legs spread. Also, brace yourself on your bed. Hike your feet up onto your toes. You’ll love this sexy position.

    Her: Climb on top of your man. Squat down on his junk and brace yourself on his thighs. Look him square in the eye and embrace this special moment.

    Why It Rocks: The Edge of the Bed on His Lap sex position will get you both tuned into each other and closer to that special moment.