Sex Swing Sex Position

  • Sex Swing Sex Position

    The sex swing sex position is an easy-to-achieve state of bliss that requires nothing but a little balance from the woman. Lay down, close your eyes, and allow yourself to drift off in pure bliss:

    Him: You get to just lay there, completely flat, with your feet out in front of you. Get ready to stabilize your woman as she sits down on top of you, facing away, riding your dick dirty until you scream.

    Her: After your man lays down, to get the sex swing position just right, step down on either side of him, facing away, and ease yourself onto his dick. Once there, place one foot down between his legs, and the other on the bed. Get your stability before you start thumping.

    Why It Rocks: This is a user-friendly reverse style sex position that is a great introductory into the world of fucking while sitting. Take our word for it!