Amazon Sex Position

  • Amazon Sex Position

    As arguably one of the freakiest sex positions in the game today, the Amazon Sex Position challenges both lovers to jump out of their comfort zones, switching positioning in a way that is empowering and even better feeling. This move is generally easy to maneuver and requires the male to have some flexibility, while the woman is able to ride on top according to her preference.

    Him: The Amazon fuck position requires the male to assume a fetal position typically reserved for the woman. You’re going to get to relax this time, laying on your back and pulling your legs up far enough so the penis can penetrate the woman, sitting atop of you. See the world from her perspective with this one, allowing your body to relax while you focus on the best parts of love-making.

    Her: Get ready to ride on top with this Amazon style sex, with your partner’s legs in front of you as you ease down slowly for a powerful, yet gentle fuck. Lean forward and support yourself on the bed, pillows, or wall to keep your balance so you can control a classic sex position that women love.

    Why It Rocks: The Amazon sex position is something everyone can handle, and can be performed in any kind of setting. It’s a move that is fun for both of you, and with a little patience, can feel even better once you get the angling down. Check out Amazon sex position videos to help you get it right.