Seesaw Sex Position

  • Seesaw Sex Position

    Who said seesaws were just for kids? The seesaw sex position is a creative way to achieve pure orgasm while rocking back and forth into pleasure-filled wonder. Here’s how to make it happen:

    Him: With seesaw sex, it’s up to you to drill your dick deep into your woman as you press down on her. On all fours, place your hands to either side of her head with your legs spread, yet touching at the feet. Ease your cock into her vaginal canal and start to thrust. 

    Her: Get ready to bend and move as you lay on your back with your legs direct in the air. Your man will press against them, hard, until you’re bent in two, drilling into you as you hold onto the backs of his thighs.

    Why It Rocks: This relatively easy sex position is a great fix up for women looking to feel a new kind of pleasure. With the seesaw position, rock and ride, just like when you were kids, until you both hit that sweet G spot.