The Winged Back Chair

  • The Winged Back Chair

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any hotter, this amazing position came into your world. We are always looking for the best possible sex positions with woman on top and this one came into our view and changed our world. It will probably do the same for you. All you need is a good sturdy bed and zero clothing, things are going to heat up quickly. Here’s how to master this sultry sex position.

    Him: Lay back on your ass on the bed. Brace yourself with your arms on the bed with your hands turning back towards the wall. Bend your right knee ever so slightly, giving your girl a good ‘chair’ shape to climb on top of.

    Her: Climb on top of your man as he sits in a bended chair like position. Spread your hips and legs wide enough to straddle your man on either side. As you do, slide him inside of you fully. Slide down on all the way on him so you are sitting his lap. Grasp his face in your hands and start doing the dirty, this one could cut your sex session short.

    Why It Rocks: Intimacy! Of all the sex positions with the woman on top, The Winged Back Chair creates face-to-face hotness you cannot get with any other position out there.