Traction Control

  • Traction Control

    Want to try out a position that kind of looks like a workout routine? If so, then Traction Control is a good choice. Traction Control makes its way onto our list of male dominating sex positions because it’s all about the man. But that doesn’t mean the ladies don’t get some killer oh and ah moments from “Traction Control.” It’s a dual pleasure position that anyone can do.

    Her: Get on your knees on the bed with your hips arched upwards. Allow one leg to fall slightly off the bed, to make it easier on your man to enter you from behind. Let him grab one of your arms once he gets into position.

    Him: Climb up behind your lady with your knees slightly agape. Hold onto her hip with one hand and grab her hand with your other. Allow one leg to fall off the bed behind hers. Get going and take things to climax town.

    Why It Rocks: Male dominating sex positions don’t have to be boring. This sex position is a perfect example of that. It’s sexy, animalistic, and makes great angles easy.