The Variant Yawning

  • The Variant Yawning

    So many sex positions are boring, overdone, and simply don’t add anything new to your sex life. But the Variant Yawning position is nothing like that. Ladies love sensual sex positions, and with good reason, they give you both a more intimate sex session. And with this move you don’t have to be some flexible athlete. You just have to pay attention to her cues and make her happy. So here’s what you gotta do to nail it.

    Her: Lay on her back with a fluffy pillow cradling your head. Spread your legs and put your feet on your partner’s shoulders. Grab ahold of his thighs and enjoy the ride.

    Him: Get on your knees in front of her while you crouch over her body. Lean forward enough so you can give her nice, sexy kisses. Spread your hips wide enough so you can thrust into her.

    Why It Rocks: It isn’t one of your standard male dominant sex positions. It’s hot, sexy, and gets you both where you want to go.