Leap Frog Sex Position

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  • Leap Frog Sex Position

    This clever standing position places the woman in a frog like stance while deep and illustrious plowing takes place from behind.

    If you love standing sex, the Leap Frog Sex Position is a fun and easy way to achieve total penetration, feeling good for both parties involved. Get into position, legs and hands planted, and open up for backside fucking.

    Him: You get to show off your strength in this one, simply standing with your legs slightly spread while you support your woman at her hips. As she backs onto you, help her position herself perfectly, leap frogged and ready to go.

    Her: Back onto your man, pussy popped up high, with your legs in-between his, as you bend down forward and use your fingertips to support the upper half of your body. As you get in the rhythm, you’ll start to assume the shape of a frog leaping for joy, begging for more.

    Why It Rocks: This is a generally easy standing sex position that doesn’t require too much flexibility from the woman. Also a backside penetration opportunity, if you take the time to get the angles right, it will feel amazing for both parties.