Eiffel Tower Sex Position

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  • Eiffel Tower Sex Position

    This is a perfect standing sex position that provides couples with a way to make love hard while whisking off to Paris.

    What does the Eiffel tower mean sexually? If you like having sex standing up, the Eiffel Tower Sex move is an easy way to make it happen, requiring nothing but a little flexibility from the lady. The Eiffel Tower Position enables great pleasure for both parties, with a doggystyle entrance from behind.

    Him: You get to stand and simply grab your woman’s hips from behind, plowing her hard and providing her balance while she bends forward. 

    Her: This requires a little bit of limber movement in your legs and back as you bend forward to create an arch with your body. As you assume position and create Eiffel tower sex definition, plant your palms firmly on the ground while your man does the rest.

    Why It Rocks: The Eiffel Tower Sex Position requires no furniture, wall, or space to get it right. If the woman is willing to be head down, after some patience and stretching, it can be a relatively comfortable fucking experience.