Raging Bull Sex Position

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  • Raging Bull Sex Position

    Sometimes, it’s fun to mix up oral sex and create a new position that adds a whole new perspective to tongue fucking. With the raging bull sex position, any woman will be raging in screams for more, more, more:

    Him: Get ready to show off your tongue skills as you get on your knees, using your arms to support your woman in a bridge-shape position in front of you. Sink your tongue into her open and gaping pussy.

    Her: This requires some work on your end, but if you get it right, boy is it worth it. As your man puts his thighs on his shoulder to stabilize your lower half, use your hands to support your upper half while he moves his mouth right into your wet vagina.

    Why It Rocks: With some patience, the new sex position of the raging bull is a great way to take oral sex to the next level. Take your time getting into your role, and over time, you’ll be screaming for more.