Aquarius Sex Position

  • Aquarius Sex Position

    This is one of those fun sex positions for girls, placing all of the heavy lifting on the guy. It’s a great starter sex position for couples looking to experiment, as it requires minimal strength or flexibility from both parties. Spend some time getting the angling right so you both feel like it’s working for you.

    Him: Saddle up cowboy and grab your woman like a man. This is a great sex position in bed in which you can show her your manliness, spreading her legs and allowing her lower half to rest on the support of your thighs. Grab onto her hips to keep her steady. 

    Her: If you love sex positions in which you feel like you are being dominated, the Aquarius sex style is right for you. Lay back, and allow your partner to grab you like a man, pull you close, and penetrate you in style. You can simply lay back, relax, and let him do all the work.

    Why It Rocks: This is a user-friendly sex position that feels good to both men and women, requiring little acrobatic experience, flexibility, or strength to get it right. With a little practice, find the angle that works for the both of you, and ride the night away.