G Whiz Sex Position

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    Although the G Whiz Sex Position can be used for direct vaginal penetration, it’s also a perfect pose to try out deep and mind-changing anal sex.

    If you’re ready to become a G spot wizard, the G Whiz Sex Position provides total penetration that is front and center, hard to escape. Take it one step farther and slip it into the anal cavity, trying out a new form of lovemaking.

    Him: The G Whiz position allows you to show off your thrusting skills as you support the backside of your woman, lifting her pussy and ass into the air with your hands on her hips. As she wraps her feet around your neck, peg her hard and deep in every opening.

    Her: Lay on your back and let your man do the heavy lifting, supporting your body by holding onto his thighs while you wrap your legs around his neck. Get ready for some screams, because this sex position goes deep.

    Why It Rocks: This is one sex position that provides direct penetration opportunities, which is why the man needs to go slow at first before getting in a G spot groove.