Classic Anal

  • Classic Anal

    Keep things classy, with this move. It’s the easiest position for anal sex because the area back there is thoroughly exposed. Similar to doggie style, but not quite, Classic Anal keeps things in check in all the best ways. When you’re ready to try something timeless and truly amazing, all you have to do is assume the position, you’ll love the way this move makes you feel. No other position gets both of you quivering in pleasure quiet like this anal position. Here’s how to do it.

    Her: Get on your hands and knees with your legs spread out as wide as possible. Don’t quite rest your head on the bed but relax enough to let your man ease into you.

    Him: Get on your knees behind your partner and grab ahold of her hips, holding them tight. Gaze down at your partner with pleasure as you give her the classic anal position.

    Why It Rocks: It’s classy, it’s relaxing, and it feels oh so good.