Doggy Style

  • Doggy Style

    Doggy style sex positions seem to be a dime a dozen, but this doggie style sex position is sure to please every member of your screw session. Wondering how to do the doggy style sex position? If so, this move is a good place to start. So pull out your leashes and collars, this doggy style sexual position will get you both ready to fetch.

    Her: Get on your hands and knees, kind of like a dog but with more dignity. Spread your legs hip width across and brace yourself for impact from behind you.

    Him: Straddle your lady’s hips with one of your legs on the outside of one of her legs. Slightly open your hips and begin to go doggy style on her from behind. Hold onto her hips to brace yourself and keep things moving in the right direction.

    Why It Rocks: Doggy style sex positions are the best. They give the lady some amazing angles to work with and give the man some super hot and sexy views to work with.