Deep Anal

  • Deep Anal

    Deep Anal is the most comfortable position for anal sex if you’ve done it once or twice. A good move if you’re ready to feel your partner deep within you, this one might be best left to the pros. In our list of sex positions for anal, we are focused on adding sensual pleasure to your life in the best possible ways. IN a few deep breaths, you could experience untold pleasure without any extra effort on your part. When your partner is ready to add a new position into the mix, switch it up with this bad boy. Here’s how to do it:

    Her: Lay down on a bed or couch with your legs stretched out on top of your partner’s shoulders. Relax, taking at least three deep breaths before he enters you.

    Him: Straddle your partner like you would if you were about to get into missionary. Pick her up by tossing her legs on top of your shoulders. This helps lift her hips and gives you access to her back door.

    Why It Rocks: It’s comfortable for both people and helps her relax to enjoy the position like she’s never experienced it before.