Bad Dog Anal

  • Bad Dog Anal

    Whether you’re looking for the best position for first time anal sex or just want to spice up your boring sex life with new positions for anal sex, the Bad Dog Anal sex move is sure to please. It’s time to bring anal out of the dark. It is perfectly safe, fun, and feels amazing if you do it right. This position makes it easy for everyone to enjoy themselves. A slow introduction to this seemingly weird sex move is sure to please both of you. Here’s how to do it right the first time.

    Her: First, find something to brace yourself against. Stretch your hands out on a couch, bed, or chair. Get on your knees with your legs and hips spread as wide as you can get them. Take some deep breaths as your man enters your most sensitive area.

    Him: Get on your knees behind your partner. Help her spread her legs by positioning yourself in between them. Brace yourself by putting your hands on her lower and upper back. Slowly enter your partner and listen to her cues.

    Why It Rocks: The best part of this position is the use of a bed or couch. It allows her to relax into the moment so it’s fun for everyone.