Prone Bone Sex Position

  • Prone Bone Sex Position

    The prone bone sex position is a great way to take your lover from behind while still making it comfortable and intimate. With prone bone sex, you can even make it your own with a little customization. Here’s how to do it:

    Him: Wait for your woman to lay down as you spread your legs and gently sit on the back of her upper thigh. Stabilize yourself by grabbing her love handles as you spread her ass cheeks and sink your dick deeply into her warm and inviting pussy.

    Her: Lay down on your stomach, with your arms in front of you for stabilization. That’s it! It’s up to your man to position himself correctly behind you for perfect penetration.

    Why It Rocks: The prone sex position is a great way to connect with just a flat surface or bed available. With prone bone sex, take your time to really position yourself correctly so that it feels amazing for all parties involved.