Rear Entry Sex Position

  • Rear Entry Sex Position

    Rear entry sex provides a kind of sexual penetration that is so euphoric feeling, you come crawling back for more. Rear entry sex position is no stranger to backside penetration, which is why you and your partner will definitely want to try it today:

    Him: Get ready to assume your manliness as you enter your woman from behind. Position yourself over her back with your arms used to stabilize yourself as you thrust away into her pussy. Sex from the rear feels absolutely amazing, there’s no denying it.

    Her: Lay on your stomach, craning your knees so your legs are propped into the air. Use your arms to grab your legs, opening up your pussy to full rear entry penetration.

    Why It Rocks: With a little patience, this puzzle-piece sex position from behind is a great way to achieve total pleasure in no-time. Take your time with it, because by the end, it’s totally worth it.